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New mouse

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Monday i am meeting a lady to pick up my new male mouse. A choc/silver fox (as the lady has described him), very friendly. The friendly part is the main drawcard for me, as i want him as a photo model as well as a much loved pet!

Stay tuned for piccies!!
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Congratulations! Definitely share photos when you get the chance. :)
Good Luck :)
Meet Fabio

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Awwww, he is so precious!!!! :heart: Congratulations!

Congratulations on your first mouse! My wife and I got our first mouse last week, too! We picked up Mousekin (yeah, I know... pretty generic!) last Thursday and, as he was already 12 weeks old, we have our work cut out for us with respect to socialization. He is apricot in color and a bit overweight; he looks like the proverbial wind-up mouse toy, if I'm being honest. :)

Fabio is adorable, and you take oustanding pictures! You obviously used both a high quality camera and lens... Canon? Nikon? How did you get Fabio to be so still?

Kind regards,

Thanx :D

Fabio isnt my 1st mouse, i had hundreds about 4 yrs ago, but got out of it for a while.

The camera is a Sony A33. Fabio moves constantly, the camera is just quick *L*
He is gorgeous!!!!!!!!! and amazing photo skills! Wish I had a camera like that, I cannot get a good picture of my mice for the life of me! Congratz on the new mouse!
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