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New owner of 3 degus, any advice will do.

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Hello, yesterday i became i new owner of 3 male degus (brothers), i adopted them from a pet charity due to previous owners moving away, we found out just when we brought them that one was blind in one eye due to poor diet. I haven't thought of any names yet so any ideas for 3 names for 3 boys would be highly appreciated, any advice on feeding, handling etc would be very helpful.

Thanks Lucy.
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I just replied on your names thread. :) Congratulations on adopting these three lucky goos (especially the one with blindness).

Kind of difficult to give advice – there is so much of it to give. You probably know about housing and feeding? As far as the cataracts go, which is probably the reason for the blindness (diabetes, too much sugar in diet), I myself have no experience with this.

Is there anything in particular that you would like more info on?
congratulations on the adoption, i adopted my 2 boys (brothers) and one of them has cataracts in both eyes and is "rotund" so we named him after my grandfather who was blind, "rotund" and had diabetes teeheehee the other one we named mo after mo farah as we are british and are proud to be after Farah won the 2 olympic gold medal, wh were thinking of naming one either titan or thor orsomething like that, look at their caracteristics and features and will remind you of something eventually for instance
in my old school we had a class bunny named toffee but we all aggreed that after we got her we wanted to name her thumper as she always thumped on the ground like the rabbit from the film bambi. hope this helps and try a website called "degutopia" its very usefull :) :degu:
Degutopia is a very useful site :) it helped alot when I first got mine
Never grab your degus around the middle as they hate this and it may aslo cause damage. Instead let them wonder onto your open hand. :)
Oh and make sure the food you buy for them contains no molasses
I always thought Truffle was a good name :D
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