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I'm going to be getting three boy degus on Saturday, and it's my first time having them.
Can you give me the basic, need-to-know info I'll need to care for them?
Such as best cage size, best food, best toys, best feeding time and anything you think will be important.
Thank you!
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If you go onto a dedicated degu forum like the "Degu and Chinchilla World" forum or "Degutopia" you will find all of the information and help/support you will need.

Degus are complicated creatures needing alot of cage space, special food (they can't have sugar and need Vitamin C in their food), and having many medical issues due to inbreeding. Also, telling males and females apart is tricky. Many pet stores do not know how to do this because they aren't like rats or gerbils or hamsters where it is easy to tell. I adopted four 'females' from the local animal shelter and they ended actually being three females and one male. That's why I now have 16 degus. This happens more often than you can imagine. Please check one of these forums to help you make sure you are getting all boys.
I advise that you join a dedicated degu forum like the Degu and Chinchilla World forum or Degutopia.
(oops, posted this twice)

degu are wonderful pets. Very intelligent, naughty and curious. One thing I would say its read up as much as you can before hand on everything from food, bedding and cages to toys and activities.

My degu have free run and I would just like to inform you that depending on how you feel it is best to block off a area in a sealed room just for them to play in. I use my bedroom, I make a temporary blocked off area every time they come out as I do not have enough room for a full time space. My degu love to chew and eat everything and anything. If you like your wall paper, I would advise that you get some sort of plastic garden path edging to go along the top of the scurting board and the bottom of the wall. I have lots of wall paper missing from being eaten. Also the door, wardrobe and bedside table has chunks missing. I just wanted to let you know incase you live in a rented property or with people that would get angry at the missing parts.

Enjoy you new arrivals and feel free to ask if youd like to know anything else.
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