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New Pet Rats Making Noises Pt 2 - HELP

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I didn't know I wasn't suppose to clean the cage with a scented cleanser and now I think my girls have respriatory problems. One keeps sneezing and making noises sometimes and the other one makes noises..

I moved them to another cage that has not been touched with scented cleanser. They're still sneezing & making noises but I'm hoping it'll stop or atleast won't get worse...

Help me out! Should I still bring them to a vet or will moving them to a different cage make it better?
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Do you have some kind of strange bedding in there that they are reacting to? I don't know a lot about rodents yet, but from what I have read there are some toxic woods that they shouldn't be around and I believe cedar is one of them. is a good guide to basic rodent care. Rats aren't in there but from what I have found so far most rodents are similar in certain ways.

Hopefully someone can correct me if I am wrong, but I would check that out to see if it is the problem!
Nope. I use CareFresh.. I've always used CareFresh with my other rats and they were all fine. It's the best bedding to use for rats. It's odorless and everything. I'm pretty sure it was my fault cuz I cleaned the cage with a scented cleanser. That's why I put them into a different cage that was not touched with the cleanser. I just want to know if that'll make it all better or atleast not worse & if I should still bring them to the vet?

I think I will call and make an appt. tomorrow tho.. I just hope it doesn't cost a lot cuz I live pay check to pay check.
I know that feeling. I would call and ask just to be safe. You could also check out and maybe you can find more info there. When did you clean the cage/this start? I'd say if it has been a few days or so and they aren't getting better to call.

I hope it doesn't break you to go to the vet! Good luck!
I got them on Sunday. I cleaned the cage with the scented cleaner on Saturday. I put the bedding and everything in for them on Sunday.
You can clean the cage out again and it should be fine for them. I just use mild dish soap and hot water for mine. Carefresh is a good bedding with little dust, so their respiratory sounds are most likely one of two scenarios:

a) "New home" sniffles, which should not last more than a few days
b) Respiratory infection

Since you said in the other thread that it sounded a bit like chirping, I am betting it's the second case. You should take them in to a small animal vet who has experience treating rats. They will need to be put on antibiotics for at least two weeks to clear out the infection. Baytril is the best kind of medicine, and if that doesn't work enough on its own, they should double it with doxycycline. If you don't get their breathing problems treated right when you first notice them, they will easily go downhill very quickly, so it's best to get them seen right away...even if it's just a precautionary measure.
How much do those medicines cost?

I'm gonna call the vet this morning from work & try to make an appt for between shifts today... I might be late getting to 2nd shift, but they'll understand.

I've been taking them out of the cage against their will, I hope they don't hate me. I brought Juliet out to bring her back to PetsMart (they said they didn't hear anything, when the vet tech listened thru the stethoscope & the man put her up to his ear and didn't hear anything) & then taking both of them out to clean the big cage then taking them both out again to switch them to a different cage (i wanna give the bigger cage a better cleaning). Juliet still doesn't come to me & I have to chase her around the cage to get a hold of her. I'm gentle doing it, but I just hate that she won't just let me pick her up yet.
Can you explain the sounds better?

If you said it was chirping while hiccuping, this could be the start of a URI, and you need to watch carefully.

Lift the girls side to your ear with 2 hands (we call this rat phoning) and then wait for them to stop moving and listen for any sounds like roughness, crackling, gurgling or wheezing. Check both sides and report back here.
I'm bringing them to the vet in a little bit. We'll see what's going on.
I'm bringing them to the vet in a little bit. We'll see what's going on.
It is a still a good idea to learn this and get them used to it.
I brought them to the vet today. She said Angel's lungs sounded good, but Juliet sounded a little congested. She did hear Angel sneezing too. She gave me antibiotics to give them twice a day for 10 days. They struggled a lot when my mom & I gave them the medicines today, so I'm trying to think of an easier way to do it, starting tomorrow morning. Is it ok to mix it in with applesauce?
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