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New Photos of Achilles and Maximus :)

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Hey all, I was planning to post some new photos when we threw our boys a Happy 3 Months Birthday party, but of course that was about a month ago and I spaced on posting the photos, doh!

But here are a few that turned out okay, and even though Marc and I are sad right now for Lilspaz's sweet Junebug, I thought some happy pictures might cheer the forum up a bit, yes? Life is so short and we know how precious it is with enjoy every single second with them. We try to do that every day with our new sweeties.

Without further ado, my two loves, Achilles (our hoodie) and Maximus (our Berkshire). They rock our world and we have become their helpless rat slaves, sigh! They have Marc and I wrapped around their little pink fingers. Isn't that always the case with ratties? L'il charmers.

Hope you all enjoy, and sorry the darn photos are so big...I need to get better at learning more on Photobucket. :rolleyes:

Maximus and Achilles enjoying their 3 month birthday treat, on their playground area.

Achilles hanging with Daddy and gettin' da love! Marc said, "Hey, I needed to shave in that photo, don't post it!" Ha ha, but I loved the picture, so too bad. :p

Maximus diving for peas at the birthday party (splash, splash, "these peas are MINES!)

Beware peas...Achilles Has Arrived...surrender now.

Maxie's favorite our sleeves. He can never get enough of it! My happy boy. He so reminds us of Wolfgang with the sleeve riding. :) Marc thinks that this might actually be Achilles in this photo though..hmm!

This photo is a tad older, when Achilles was smaller (and not as fat) but I wanted to post it, because he loves to hang out on Marc's office chair, and he looked like a drunk getting ready to pass out in this photo. Sleepy baby! He was soooo relaxed. :)
Don't fret animal lovers...he only hangs on the chair arm when Marc is in the chair watching him, so he is safe. No babies falling off chairs!

Blurry photo, but gosh I adore it. My sweet bubbies. We loves our boys soooo much. :approve:
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How do you prevent them from getting loose? Like, do you have to supervise them at all times if they are out?
:heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: I LOVE these photos!!!!! They are so incredibly adorable!!!!!!!! And I was just thinking this morning about the little guys and wondering if you had any recent photos!!! YAY!!!!!!! Give them kisses and scritches for me!
Sooo cute <3 I keep meaning to try pea fishing with my babies. It seems everyone else's rats love it.
Yeah, not all ratties are into it and sometimes, they just like the idea of getting a treat (peas/carrots) out of the water and care more about that than actually splashing in the water. Our boys seem to enjoy it though. :)
Thanks!! I am glad you liked the photos! I was so bad at remembering to post some. I have about 2 million pictures and I had to really figure out which ones were decent enough to post. What ratty parent doesn't love it when people say your kids are cute and adorable, eh? :D

I will definitely give them scritches and kisses from Auntie Breyer!
Hi Jon,
To answer your question, yes, we always supervise our kiddos when they are out having free play time every day, but it also depends on where they are having their free play. If they want to waddle around on our computer desk and go back and forth between exploring the desk/computer area and climbing up and down into our laps while we supervise them, that is one thing. We never just leave them alone on a desk or area like that if we are not right there hanging out with them, to make sure they don't get into anything that might be bad for them or hurt themselves.

As for their normal outside play time, where they spend much more time, we set up our dining room table, which is right next to their ratty house.

We put a big blanket down on the table, to keep it soft for their footies and to protect the table from toenail scratches, etc, and then we have lots of boxes that we turned into play houses, forts, dig boxes (an open box with lots of scrap material for them to play in, an idea I got from Breyer that she did with her ratties) and I hang a big sheet over everything to give them the nice dim light of a huge village/fort area for them to play in, hide in the boxes, take mini naps, eat treats and play with their toys (cat jingle balls, wood blocks, etc.) and that area is very safe for them to run around in, even if I need to leave the room for a couple of minutes. They learned quickly when they were babies to stay away from table edges, so they have no interest in jumping off a table, or climbing down onto the dining room chairs.

*Also, as we learned when researching about rats before we adopted for the first time, since rats really love to be close to their people and in the same room where we spend most of our time, the dining room and living room where my husband and I spend most are time, is one big open area, so the boys are not closed off in a different room from us. They can always see and hear us whether they are in their house or playing in their play village.

But whenever they are out of their house, one of us always likes to be around, nearby, just to keep an eye on them. :)

Breyer had a BEAUTIFUL connected outside play area that was connected to her boys' house, so they could come and go as they pleased and have 24 hour access to their playground/fort area. The only reason I cannot do that myself for our boys is that I have a chronic low back problem and it is too difficult for me to get down on ground level with my boys. So everything has to be from the waist up, cage included, so I can have quick, painless access to the kids to take care of them properly and interact with them.
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