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New pics of Ickis and Albi =)

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I was taking a break from homework tonight and realized i havetn taken pics of them in forever so here =)
Ickis is the normal leo and albi is the merphys patterness.

Vertebrate Organism Reptile Lizard Scaled reptile

Eye Reptile Lizard Scaled reptile Terrestrial animal

Fawn Wood Scaled reptile Terrestrial animal Tail

Reptile Lizard Scaled reptile Beverage can Tin can

Reptile Terrestrial animal Fish Scaled reptile Lizard
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They are SO cute! :D I'll hopefully be getting some leos soon too.

BTW, Ickis is a tremper albino, not a normal. ;)
Really =o theres so many **** morphs lol i had looked before because i thought she might be a morph but i didnt think she looked like any of them so i figured she was a normal leo XD
why do people call them albios of they dont fit the definition of albio >.< she has beautiful copper eyes not red ones and shes not white spet for her tummy. its weeeeeird XD
how many leos are you thinking of getting?
IDK, it seems like RAPTORs are theonly ones that have red eyes?

And I'm still debating. Probably just one, but I think it would be fun to keep 2 females like you do!
Its nice to have 2 of them =) especialy when i catch them cuddling in their coconut house lol
there so adorable :)
Very pretty geckos :)

Yup Ickis is albino. Albino doesn't mean they have to have red eyes and be white, it just means that their scales don't produce the same type of pigments that normals do. In the case of leopard geckos, albino geckos don't produce any black pigmentation. They can produce other colors, like yellow, orange, brown, white...just not black.

Albino leo's eyes are different than normals, but it's not as visually obvious as it is in some types of albino animals. My Tremper albino female's eyes are kind of hard to explain, but they are kind of a pale color with fine lines of red going through them.
Aaah =o i love ickis' eyes. Their like copper colored from what i can tell. I cant see them very well, small objects and my eyes dont agree.
but yeah albinos always confused me. like how some albino animals cant reproduce n so on >.< i need to read more about albino reptiles.
Yeah it can be confusing. Especially when most people think of albino, they think of all white with red eyes like an albino rabbit or something. But it's a bit different in reptiles.

Just for fun I zoomed in on a picture of my female so you can see really well what her eye looks like. She is a Tremper Albino.

The only problem is that I don't have a gecko with a normal eye to compare hers too. My male has partial eclipse eyes (eclipse is when their eyes are all black) and my baby female is a Diablo Blanco so she doesn't have normal eyes either.

Here...I did a google search and found some pictures of normal leo eyes...
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Thats cool =o i wish i had a better camera i would take a picture of ickis and albis eyes. Cuz they are different colors =o i can tell that much at least =/ i wish my eyes could see small detail better cuz those close up are amazing
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