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New Post-Neuter Photos of Maximus

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Hi all,

Someone (Breyer? Storyseeker?) asked me to post some new photos of my Maxie after he had recuperated from his neuter.

Sooooo, here are some new photos I took of my boys tonight when they were out playing. I think my Maximus sweetie looks very handsome and proud. Of course, being his adoring Mom, I AM biased. :rolleyes:

Maximus and Achilles in my computer desk drawer, looking decidedly chummy. My sweet, sweet boys!

Maxie in the playground area...doesn't he look so proud of himself and handsome? "Look Ma, no cajones and I'm STILL a stud! :D

Chillin' in the playground village. Maxie still posing...Achilles wanting me to put the camera away and bring on some nom-noms already.

Modeling for the cameras is thirsty work...drink break at the playground drinking pool. My little bubby!! :heart:
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:heart: :heart: Ohhh, they are just so precious!!!! They both look absolutely wonderful, and you'd never know Maxie went through surgery! What a strong boy!! :D And yay for more photos!
Aww, thanks Breyer!! I knew you would love seeing pictures! I am glad you liked them! :)
Oh my precious boys! The picture of him drinking water with that wide eyed gasparooony expression. LOL!!

And is it just my imagination, but he looks smoother coated already. I've noticed a distinct difference between Black Pete and Tucker. Part of it is of course Tucker's age, but Black Pete's fur is so soft and plush.

I love, love, love these boys. Shy Achilles. I just want to pull him up and snuggle him. I'm always going to favor black rats. Always. Sighhhh :)
Maxie looks like a darker version of Gracie - he's got the same white paws and belly.
Aww, thanks Story!! Who doesn't love hearing their rat forum friends ooh and ahh over their babies, eh? Hee hee!

And April, to address your comment, Maximus is a Berkshire rat, so it sounds like Gracie might also be a Berkshire, based on how you described her markings? It looks like Maximus slid his tummy through a plate of cream (or as Story described it, white paint!) and dipped his forearms in it too. Like Gracie?

Yeah, Maxie's coat has always been very very soft and smooth, so I am not sure if it has gotten even more so since his neuter. It's possible!

Achilles has much coarser and longer fur, and since he has not been neutered, of course the differences in their fur will be even more pronounced now, yes?

Yes, Achilles is a big squishy love bug. I know he would LOVE a big cuddle from Aunt Story. :) He craves affection 24/7 and he gets it by the boatload! Marc and I cover that love muffin with so many smooches, scritches and body rubs, it just gets downright ridiculous. :hehe: We love it. He loves it. Ahhhhh....

Maxie loves us too and he likes attention, but he is more into a quick hello, love ya, kiss kiss, then OFF he goes into his play areas to explore and probably to work on his eeeevil plans to take over the world no doubt. They are such different personalities but they both love us in their own different ways.

I really think sometimes that Klausse and Wolfgang's essences are still around in our new boys.

Klausse/Achilles=Jelly Belly Love Bug Squish Boys

Wolfgang/Maximus=Leather Jacket Wearin' Explorer Rebel Boys

I am sure you have seen that type of thing repeat itself with your boys too, eh?
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Some rats react very quickly to the loss of hormones, so its possible his coat is softening. Since you got him done so young it really will be better for him in the long run. :)

They are a gorgeous and lucky pair, and I bet Achilles is thrilled that he doens't have to worry about the strange "fits" his brother would have LOL
Thanks Lilspaz!

Yes, it is a good thing we had him neutered and as you said, at a younger age. We can definitely tell the differences now. Little to almost no squabbling squawks or squeaks like before and Maximus has definitely mellowed out. I am sure that Achilles is very happy about that. They are getting along so much better it seems. :approve:
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