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New rabbit help!

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Hello! I'm Allison I just bought an 8 week old mini lop boy named Macho.
I got him from a local breeder. He's not drinking his water or eating his food. It's the same type of bottle he's used to and the same automatic feeder that he's use to. Is it because it's a new environment and he's not yet use to his surroundings? I also feel like it may be too high up for him to reach. I bought the cage from the breeder it's a big cage but it sits inside a plastic container and it's about maybe 5' tall? So the automatic feeder and the bottle sit up a little high? Do y'all think he can reach that? Or should I remove both things and just put in ceramic bowls?
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I'd try new bowls if you think that will help, but try them soon.

Rabbits not eating and drinking can quickly turn into an emergency situation. If he goes 12 hours or more without eating take him to a vet. Rabbits have very sensitive GI systems and can go into GI Stasis if they go too long without eating. GI Stasis can be deadly.

Good luck. I hope your new baby is okay and starts eating soon.
Hi. He ate a little today, but he will not for the love of god use his water bottle. It's the same exact water bottle as he has since a baby. I dont understand it. I pick him up and maneuver him to where his nose is touching the tip. But that's still not working...l
Glad he ate some :)

I'd try a water bowl. A lot of bunnies seem to like bowls more.
You can try a water bowl(works waaaaaaaay better for my bunnies)!
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