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New Stray Cat...

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So my family recently found this female cat. I have been calling her Meow. Meow is super skinny and her front paws are declawed. But she is very obviously pregnant. We checked her feces for worms so she is not loaded with worms. We checked around our town, the local vet and shelter, and nobody is missing any cats!
Well first of all, I don't know much about cats, but when we got her, her nose is kind of scabbed over and dry. It looks like it's healing but she sits around a lot; my guess is because she's pregnant, right? Only problem is, when we feel around on her stomach for kicks, we feel nothing. Did her babies die from the malnutrtion? My older brother claims he feels the babies but nobody else does.
Well the other problem is, we will be able to put the kittens up for adoption, but my family wants to keep Meow and I just can't stand it. She looks like a cat that I fostered almost 2years ago that my mother ran over and I figured I'd be okay and be over it by now, but I'm not. I bottle-fed that kitten and raised him but he didn't make it cause my parents insisted he be an indoor/outdoor cat. Meow looks to much like him and it makes me depressed. I can stand Meow until she weans her babies and can get spayed and re-homed, but if we keep her, I don't know how I will be able to do this, as she may live another 5years!
I've tried telling my parents how I feel about the situation but they keep telling me to get over. Once, I got angry and yelled at them, telling them "Imagine if your child got ran over in the street! That's how I feel!" Cause that's how it was for me. They still want to keep her. What can I do?
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truth is as harsh as it sounds, theres not much you can. it is their house .
as for not feeling the babies it doesnt mean that there dead however you should really bring her to the vet, they can do an ultrasound, she may not be able to give natural birth and this is why your not feeling the babies she may need a csection. so a vet asap is a good idea. they can also check for other health issues.
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