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New to degus, protective over food & mounting

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Helllo! :)
I brought 2 lovely female Degus on Sunday, and they are settling in well. But i have noticed that one of them (rora) loves to eat, and is getting very protective over food. She sits in the bowel and eats, and if the other one goes near, she makes this noise which is like a sqeak but deeper (kind of wingey noise). Is this normal? And how can i prevent this from happening?

Also, they do fight alot. Alba (not the food eating monster) tries to mount Rora, and then they fight standing on their back legs. I have read that it could be something to do with breeding season or something, but i just wanted to put my mind at ease? They get on perfectly fine after, and have slept cuddled up aswell for the past 2 nights.

Anddd finallly... any tips for a new owner??

Thank You!:thumbsup:
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get another foood bowl cos they cant guard 2 at once!! :)
I have three food bowls for my four boys. One with timothy and the other two with the regular food and veggies. Saves on fights and bowl guarding. Mine are all boys and one mounts each other the others. So does my dogs and all male rabbits. Must be that time of year, lol. Oh and I don't want to tell you what the cat does to the dog bed, giggle.
Yup, you definitely need to get multiple food dishes. Putting them on different levels of the cage can help :).
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