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hi, i am new here, i just got my new dwarf bunny at a tractor feed and supply place, i couldn't pass her up! she is a adorable dwarf bunny. i have her in a 30" cage and she has all her stuff, she has a toy, water bottle, feed and treats, i went crazy on that one. i am going to get a litter pan and try that out too. where can someone get the right food and the right treats for your bunny that is not expensive? and i was hoping to get another rabbit, but they said that the cage is not big enough for 2. i am new to this whole bunny thing, i had one about 16 years ago, but she was bigger and followed me all around the house. i am sorry to say she is not with me any more, having lived for about a year after i got her. we got her at petsmart. so i am eager to learn all i can about these interesting creatures.

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Aw dwarf bunnies are my favorite, they're so cute!

I buy my food and hay online in bulk. When you do the math, it turns out to be a lot cheaper for me to do that than to buy small amounts more often. Depending on where you live you can sometimes find hay for cheap from farms and stuff, I don't have that luxury living in the city. Shop around and see where the best prices are, if you don't have anywhere with good prices in your area you can try looking online too.

If you where to get another in the future, it would really be best to have your current rabbit fixed first. Actually, I'd recommend you get her spayed no matter if you get her a friend or not. Their are a lot of health benefits to spaying rabbits, and it also helps improve their litter box habits and decreases or eliminates hormonal behavioral issues., or the House Rabbit Society is a great place to learn more if you need to brush up on rabbit info!

I'm looking forward to hear more about your new addition! What did you name her??
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