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New to PawTalk!

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Hello everyone! I'm new here and thought I'd just give a little background info on myself and the zoo I have!

I'm 19 years old and a student at The University of Texas at San Antonio. I am currently a waitress but I used to work at a veterinary clinic in Magnolia, Texas. I want to either be a vet tech or a veterinary doctor (depending on how long I want to stay in school).

I have 6 dogs (not all currently living with me in my little apartment of course). The newest addition is the adorable Boxer pup my boyfriend and I got as a mutual Valentine's Day gift. We got (or saved, rather) her from a backyard breeder. She was a little underweight but with a lot of TLC and Purina Puppy she's gotten to a very healthy weight.

I also have a Great Dane and a lab mix (Emma and Sadie) who live at my mom and step-dad's house in Spring, TX. Emma was purchased by my parents through a breeder in Georgia. Sadie's is a sadder story. She was found abandoned in a cardboard box in front of a PetCo. Apparently a blue van sped by the front doors and LITERALLY threw out a box of loving little pups. My mom and I were lucky enough to meet the little one on adoption day. I picked her up and she immediately fell asleep in my arms and how can anyone say "No" to that???

Gonzo is an Eng. Bulldog who lives with my dad and Sasha is a newborn Maltipoo that my sister just bought.

Astro the Black Lab is my boyfriend's dog, super hyper and loves to play.
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hi and welcome!! cant wait to hear more about ya :)
Hi and welcome!
I cannot wait to see pics!!
:hello: and :welcome2:
Hey!You've just won a ticket to....
So, welcome!:yes:
Welcome to Paw-Talk! :D
Welcome, you'll soon become addicted =] i am =]
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