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New to the forum!

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Hi everyone!

I just found this forum and I quickly signed up because I love animals. I currently have:

1 Yellow Lab-Savage Sam
1 Miniature Long Haired Dachsund-Dixie Doodle
1 Guinea Pig-Gizmo
1 Rabbit-Ollie
2 Dwarf Hamsters-Bits and Pieces
1 Ferret-Cricket
20 Gerbils-3 breeding pairs, 9 weaned babies going to new homes this week, 3 unweaned babies, and a pair of males.

I love all of my animals, but my gerbils are the ones I love to sit and watch the most because they are so active. I have been breeding them for almost a year now and I love every minute of it!
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Welcome to Paw-Talk! :)
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