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I'm Lauren, a biology teacher from Jersey, new to this forum, and honestly just wanted to show everyone my adorable furbaby Calliope. (Say "Kah-Lie-O-Pee") The name is that of the muse of the gods, my husband's choice - he adores her.

She was born in March 2010 and has a cancerous tumor in her front left leg and will likely leave us soon, so I just wanted to share her with the world before she goes over what we fondly call "the broccoli bridge" into hammie-heaven. She is a very sweet girl. Also, we got rid of her wheel when her leg started getting huge as per the Vet, so she is kind of tennis-ball shaped now. :giggle:She is on a pain killer/anti-inflammatory at the minimum dose right now and seems comfortable, so she probably has a little more time with us. She loves her medicine and will wake from a deep sleep and try to eat the entire syringe when we give her her dosage.

Anyway my husband and I adore her and will miss her terribly when she goes, but we're enjoying her while we can!
I hope these photos have been adjusted for size because they are large, so apologies in advance if they haven't been.

Cheers and pumpkin seeds,


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I'm sorry to hear, Lauren, but thank you for sharing your adorable critter Calliope with us! I love dwarf hamsters too and yours is such a cutie!!

Welcome to the forum, as well!
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