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Hello, I am new.
My name is Taryn & I am a diehard animal lover. I live for helping animals whether its to volunteer at our local animal shelters or picking up a stray of the street to help find it a new home.
I currently have two grown frogs named, Clyde who is a pacman frog & Pistachio who is a northern leopard frog. I also have a tadpole named, Petri who I believe will also be a northern leopard frog.
I absolutely love frogs, I collect anything that has frogs on them :).
Just wanted to let you know a little bit about me, and to just say hello!
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Hi Taryn. I'm new to the site too, so welcome! While I don't own any frogs, I love frogs too! And toads also. I live in Houston, and there are both frogs and toads in my backyard. We also have a lot of geckos too. There was a huge frog or toad (not sure) that would dive into my pool during the night. He did this all summer long. He was able to get himself out of the pool too. He only did it for one season, and then he moved on, because he didn't return. Maybe you can post some pics of your frogs soon.
Thanks! Lizzie
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