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newbie chin owner - needs help with handling

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just brought my little chin home yesterday. had her roaming my room for about 20 minutes safely, before i had to put her back in her cage. took a while, because she's quite fast and i'm slightly afraid to pick her up, thinking i might hurt her and that she might bite me. but i got her back in safely, by having her go in her carrier, then cage.

just a few minutes ago i wanted to take her out so she could roam a little, but i'm finding myself a little too scared to reach in her cage and grab her. :(

i read in a chinchilla book that you should leave them undisturbed for a few days at first. is this correct? or should i attempt to reach in and take her out? i don't want to scare her, and/or hurt her. i think i just need to overcome my fear of reaching in, but this will probably take time. i also don't want to leave her in her cage too long without trying to familiarize her with me.

any tips would be greatly appreciated!
thank you!
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