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Hello everyone! I love this's so helpful. I have 2 bunnies, Flopsy & Eeyore (who is a dwarf). I took in Flopsy from a co-worker 4 years ago and I would say I am her fourth parent...and definately her last. I love her more than anything and she is now getting old. Eeyore looked like a lil donkey when I got him 3 yrs ago, hence the name Eeyore. He has problems such as terrible build up in his ears and he sneezes green stuff. I took him to the vet a few months after getting him and they said he had pasturella. They gave me meds, but at the time, it was such a struggle and so stressful for him that I stopped with the meds. He is the happiest bunny. At first they didn't get along...Flopsy female, Eeyore male and he always wanted to get with her. He was fixed and that problem has been more than solved...they LOVE each other! I have a pic of him spooning! Pics will come later... I am going to the vet next week or so to have Eeyore's ears and nose checked and will probably put him back on meds. Flopsy, as I said, is getting old. She looks depressed at times sitting in her cage and not greeting me. They are house bunnies with full run of the room with the cage door open at all times...unless it's time out! Flopsy is starting to walk funny and I'm thinking her hips are hurting her. How do I know if she is in pain? I know she has changed since our move in December (across the country) but is this normal for her to look depressed like twice per month? They both also get poopy bottoms. Flopsy's tail is wet at times and she no longer is potty-trained (age maybe?) Eeyore had a terrible rash on his bottom butt, fur is gone and was all red. I used diaper cream which cleared the redness, but the fur is still gone. I feel so bad and I'm not sure what is wrong. Awww, I'm sitting at work and I saw a very tiny baby bunny outside so I gave it some just now found cute! Any words would be great...sorry for long post...just wanted to introduce us!
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hello and welcome!
buns are wonderful! (i'm also at work and am very envious that you get a window!! i have a mirror that reflects the outside world, but that's it!)

Sounds to me that Flopsy has arthritis - a vet may be able to prescribe her something for that, but I'm not sure. And as for Eeyore, I can't help but think how cute it would be to hear a bunny sneeze. Have you changed their food or treats? Usually messy bottoms are caused by too much sugar - either from fruits, treats, or even alfalfa hay. One remedy my vet told me is to give them more timothy hay and less pellets, some cabbage (since it is mainly water based), and lots of cool fresh water. If it doesn't clear up in a few days, take them to the vet since they may have a parasite or something more serious. Good luck with your buns!!
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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