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Newly adopted mice problems. Help!

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Hi, I just got two fancy mice. They are 3 weeks old, which I know is quite young to be away from mom, but they are weaned and eating and drinking well so far. I'm watching them to make sure.
The problem is I think one of them is a male while the other is female. I used thefunmouse website's guide to help but I'm still unsure. One of the ones is the runt of the litter, who I suspect is female, and the other that I suspect is male has been ganging up on the runt and what looks to be humping her. She doesn't like this at all and I have to intervene. There hasn't been any blood or any bad fighting but the runt definently doesn't like it. There is A LOT of squeaking when this happens. I have three other females in a seperate cage and the newly adopted ones are in a ten gallon. I'm getting a 20 gallon on tuesday.
D: Is anyone here good at sexing mice? I could possibly send photos. They're hitting the seperation age and I really don't want babies. Should I seperate them? I feel bad for the little runty.
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I'd separate them them until you feel comfortable sexing them. The good thing is, once they start showing clear gender differences, they'll still be young enough that going through the re-intro process should they both prove to be two girls shouldn't be difficult.
I'm going to do that as soon as possible. Luckily though today I happened to see testicles on the mystery mouse, Vinto, so that's that solved. Thank you for the advice.
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