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Newly neutered

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Hi. I just got my two kittens neutered today. I was told they would be groggy and tired after the surgery and to put them in comfortable spaces by themselves for the night. Well, all the each want to do is to be pet and played with and not alone, but they also hate each other right now too (they usually love each other and play together). Needless to say, it's been a long night. I am alone so I don't have anyone who can stay with one of them downstairs while I stay with one upstairs. I'm pretty much just trying to let them fall asleep but now it is 4AM and they aren't getting any sleepier. I put one in the bathroom downstairs and closed the door and he is crying and clawing the door trying to get out. When I let him out before he just ran upstairs to see his brother and they started fighting.

Not sure what to do any advice is appreciated.

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They're both probably upset over their pain and confusion for the medicine. How bad are they "hating" each other?? They might just calm down if you spend time with them both in the room. Cats will mark their space and defend it (even a room) so if they understand each other (which they will bc they're both cats) they'll learn to get over it. OR if you can get at a pet store, and find a product called "feliway" which is a cat hormone scent or something.

Thanks for the reply. Well they did get over hating each other a lot, I was just at my wits end last night because they were fighting, growling, hissing, swiping at each other, all the while, each of them limping and crying for attention. I could go downstairs and pet one of them and comfort him, meanwhile the one upstairs is crying and freaking out and scratching at the door, and throwing his body on the floor so loud i could hear it. :( what a horrible night.

on the bright side, though, they seem perfectly normal today! minor fighting this morning, mostly just reacquainting themselves with one another, and sleeping and cuddling most of the day.

I had read that kittens like to be left alone post-surgery so I was very surprised when BOTH of them were so needy for attention and affection. All they wanted was for me to pet them. They purred like crazy when I was there, and then they cried like babies when I left to be with the other one. I was up quite literally all night.
when moe our male cat was neutured they told us hed be groggy and not want to do much, every cat acts diffrently moe was climbing on things and running around that night, where when we had mickey (rip little man) he wanted to be left alone, so every kitty is diffrent. as for the fighting there probably just really freaked out at the moment.
Care for them on this time until they've recovered, just supervise them not to hate and fight for they might develop that behavior, soon they will be back to their natural behavior when the pain is gone.
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