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  • Keeps Rats away from Car Engine for up to 3 months
  • Only Repels Rats. Does not kill them
  • Environmentally Friendly, Non-Toxic & Easy to Use
  • Disposable Mask and Hand Gloves Included in the Box

  • As a car owner you might know that rats are a big menace for cars. Most of the rat repellents available today are either difficult to apply, toxic or are simply not effective.
  • Introducing NO ENTRY: It is a range of Rat Repellent Products.
  • No Entry is a smell and taste based product, which prevents rats from getting close to the car engines especially the cables, once sprayed properly. The bitter taste is the second level of defense built in the product, which prevents rats from re attacking the object.
  • Once Sprayed Properly NO ENTRY Rat Repellent Spray can prevent Rats from attacking your car engine for up to 3 months.
  • NO ENTRY is Made in India by NICHEM. All our Rat Repellent Sprays are water based. It does not contain Alcohol, LPG, DME or any flammable substance.
  • How to use:
    Cautionary Points:
    • Avoid Inhalation
    • Wash hand after use.
    • In case of accidental contact with Face was immediately with water and seek medical advice
    • We recommend Not Use inside your car
    • Please use mask and gloves while application.
    • Wash the engine with water before first time use for better results
    • Let the Engine dry
    • Spray NO ENTRY evenly on the entire engine & make sure its sufficiently wet
    • In case your car has any cables running underneath,please use the spray over those as well
    • Since one coating lasts 3 months,One can of 200ML should be sufficient for 2-3 sprays
    • Wash your hands with soap after use to clear off bitter taste from spillage on your hands
    • If the Engine is washed for any reason, please spray NO ENTRY Advanced again.
    • Wear Mask and Hand Gloves while spraying
    • Non-Toxic
      It is a water based product and does not contain any toxic chemcials
    • Safe For Your Car
      No Entry is water based. It does not contain any alcohol, LPG, DME or any flammable substances.
      Long Lasting
      Prevents rats from attacking your engine from upto 3 months
    • Accessories Included
      Comes with Disposable Mask and Hand Gloves in the Box
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