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Nika & Lunjo

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Nika & Lunjo are my beautiful degus. Lunjo is a neutered male and Nika is a cute girl. They are with us for 5 months now and they make us happy every day. Here are some pics :D

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They are so flipping cute!!!!:confetti::wavey:

That is so cute! are Degus related to squrrles or bunnys? Sorry if I misspell anyting. I am listening to music.:confetti:
I just now noticed that you live in Croatia. That is so COOL!! Lucky!!:dust:
Thank you...

There is a bit of controversy about degus relatives :) Degus are related to rabbits...

"A recent article published in Nature made clear that the Degu isn't a rodent. DNA research of guinea pigs, which are of the same 'Octodon' family as Degus, made clear that Degus are more related to rabbits than rodents."
Here is another video of my degus... This time they are doing some easy tricks...
Another video of my goos, we have been trainig a little bit since last time...
That is awesome! I need to start training Doug haha
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1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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