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Nola and Gypsy

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We rescued Nola almost 2 years ago (her owner - J - was going to "take her out back and shoot her" 'cause she wanted a bunny and Nola killed it...) she's (we think) part Husky and part Lab. She's had a rough life. That owner got her because the owner before chained her to J's parents fence with a bowl of food and water... pretty sure she was abused.

She's incredibly skittish but after 2 years is a part of the family - she loves the kids fiercely and other than bolting if given the change (she comes back within 10 minutes) she's a great dog. We were told she had heartworms when we got her and could not afford to treat her. We decided to love her while she's well and deal with what comes - figure that's better than being shot. She still has no symptoms and I'm currently researching our options - I'm hoping to find something natural to at least slow them down.

Thursday Gypsy came to live with us! Her owner - A - rescued her about 3.5 years ago but due to a divorce had to move into an apartment and though it was hard she knew Gypsy needed a yard. She's Husky/Blue Heeler and about 5 (though I'm not convinced because she's quite puppy-like in energy/playfulness.

She's gonna have to learn (like Nola did) not to knock the kids over so she can escape out the front door. But she sits and seems to listen quite well. We're excited to have her, we were praying for God to bring us another dog.
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Hi Christi,

What are you looking for a reply on? The heartworms?

How much is heartworm treatment? If you have to buy any vitamins/herbs for a natural remedy it may cost just as much.

Perhaps ASPCA or PETA or someone like that would help fund treatment?

Hope that helps some :)
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