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"Noodle" gets spayed...

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Our little lop bunny "Noodle" went under the knife yesterday to get spayed. We were definitely apprehensive about the whole ordeal. Our local vet clinic was very supportive and caring. They communicated with us very well and showed good concern about everything.

We got a call during the morning hours to tell us that all went well and then another call to tell us we could come get Noodle. Noodle was very quiet and subdued through the evening, probably because of the pain meds. She showed some signs of normalcy by going to her favorite spots for rest.

This morning she is doing even better but not yet back to normal. The vets called in mid-morning to see how she was. That call was very appreciated. This evening Noodle has come out into the living room and is eating some of her favorites. She is pooping and peeing a little which is good.

The bunny forum and info sites are great for giving us the knowledge and background we lack to make this a better experience. Hopefully Noodle will be jumping on the coach again 50 times an evening (and getting put back onto the floor!)
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I got Speckle spayed at 3months, I was super scared, I took her home the same day and she didn't move much, but she was probably still drugged, that night she started eating and the next day she was pretty much back to her happy bunny self. I'm sure Noodle will be just fine.
It took Acacia some time to get back to eating after getting spayed. I got so worried I had her on Critical Care. She was terrifyingly cold too when she was getting over her meds. It took a couple months for her to get over her sossy teenager terror. And she always remains sort of a moody one. When they're completely mature as adults they have a better personality.
Good for you for having her spayed :)
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