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NOT Eating - Acting Strange

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I am wondering if any one else has had this same problem..... since my VET seems to be at a loss.

I have three dogs - the youngest is 3.5 yrs old and she usually goes thru a very strange time of not eating for 1-2 weeks every 6 months..... and during this time she acts like she is a little psychotic / nervous / scared (and) then we have to be on guard at all times for she will tend to attack our oldest dog (12 yrs old) for no known reason... the last 2 attacks has drawn blood and needed a vet check.

Any Ideals? - for I am at a loss here and my husband is already talking about getting rid of my baby..... for he says that he can no longer trust a dog that acts as she has been. :(
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I don't know the answer to your question it could be from inbreeding?I hope you can figure out the problem. *hugs*
No - she is a pure breed - no inbreeding here.
just because she is a purebred doesn't mean she is not inbred... where did you get her? Is she from a reputable breeder with 3 generation pedigreed parents? Did you see the parents and the pedigrees before you got her?

Unfortunately a very large number a "purebred" dogs are inbred. ALL puppies from petstores are from horrible puppy mills (which inbreed dogs). These people don't care about the health of a dog, all they want is money. And even some people that seem like a good breeder may inbreed too, thus being referred to as a Back yard Breeder.

Her behavior does kind of sound like a chemical imbalance thing, or brain trauma. Is she spayed? Up to date on shots?

visit Our Dogs Online: Viewing the portal page post your question there. The people on ODO will probably be able to help you.
That behaviour sounds like a brain problem.My mom's friend has a pug that was from a pet store which gets its dogs from mills.He is very neurotic and some of his behaviour is so very strange.The vet says this is because of the way he was bred/raised.
I'm with Riddick in wondering if she's spayed. Is she? If not, it could be the result of her going into heat every 6 months. If she is spayed, then this is a lot more mysterious.
The first questions that came to my mind were:
Is she spayed?
What breed is she?

If she's not spayed. spaying her would probably fix the problem.

If she is spayed, I would consult with an animal behaviorist, your vet should be able to direct you to one, otherwise contact your closest veterinary school ( The College of Veterinary Medicine at The University of Florida) for a referral to one.

Are you other dogs male/female? are they still intact? what breeds are they?
She is set up to be fixed this coming Wednesday....... and she is up to date on all her shots (yearly vet check). Her VET has given her a clean bill of health and he says her temperament and personality is gentle, unlike any other large dog he has ever seen.

I too am hoping that all this is hormonal and that having her spayed will help.

Sad to say, but I cannot tell you much on her back ground, as far as parents go, other than they both were pure breeds.... she was a rescue case at 3 weeks old. I took her in to nurse her back to health and then she stole my heart and stayed as our families third family pet.
I think that spaying will help her out tremendously!!!! Most people recognize several positive changes when their pets are sterilized. It can take 1-2 months to have the full effects of the spay because their hormones are still adjusting. But IMO it is worth it... the positive effects I have seen with my Pomeranian after neutering are amazing.

What breed is she?
What breed is she?

I am trying to keep her breed out of this - for I do not want people saying....... Oh - thats why, when they find out what breed of dog she is.
We all have had experience with many MANY differeny breeds of she a pit bull??

If you will tell us what breed she is we might be able to help you a little better...
I was actually wondering if she was a Wolf Hybrid or had any Nordic breeding in her (Husky, Pomeranian, Malamute etc. think sled dogs). Because that could explain the whole "not eating" thing, some other breeds are know for this as well, and your vet might not be a "breed specific expert", which is why it is possible he didn't have a good answer for you.

IMO I could care less if a dog is a Pitt, Rot or Pomeranian.. everyone has a breed that suites them and is right for them (there isn't a perfect breed out there for everyone), BUT when helping with training (especially from online where we can't get a full feel for the dog), it does help to know what the breed is, because some breeds behave in a way that is special to that breed. For example the way you go about training a Golden Retriever is much different that how you train a Pomeranian... one is a more laid back while the other has a tendency to be dominante.... they can have similar training methods but for each breed it is tweaked a different way.

If you tell us the breed, you will probably have a bunch of people who have that breed or experience with it offer you suggestions also if she's a Pitt this board is very pro Bully breeds, you will more than likely get a lot of helpful responses to training those breeds, because we have a lot of Pitt/Pitt mix owners on this site.

It would also be helpful if you told us a little bit about the age, genders, if they are sterilized or not and the breeds of the other 2 dogs in your household. Along with how well they normally socialize with each other outside of the problems you have every 6 months.

It is very difficult to give out helpful advice without knowing the full story.
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I don't think anyone would attack you for the breed of dog she is. I think that people would come around you and help you figure out what is the problem. Some breeds have defects well All breeds can have defects but some breeds are known for it.
Ahh yes a wolf hybrid or Malamute/Huskey cross is another thought. Her behavior could be linked to being a extreme working dog. There are many people on here who own wolf hybrids and bully breeds like Leo said, I don't think anyone would attack you for what breed of dog she is.
I hope getting her fixed helps...if not try a behaviorist...we used one a few years ago with our crazy dog and now she is amazing was her diet they told us and when we changed her food she never acted wierd any case I hope all ends well
Ok - She is a Brindle Pitbull (3.5) yrs

Her Buddy is a large Chihuahua (10) yrs

Her Enemy/Foe is a Lhasa Apso (12) yrs

* * * * * *

She never fights with the Chihuahua, he has been her bed and play buddy since we took her in at three weeks old, but she did develop food aggression and then dominance issues toward the Lhasa when she was about 1.5 years old.... the Lhasa is the one she is attacking now, about every 6 months.

During the time in between the attacks she will either run up on the Lhasa and butt him with her head as to say "hey I am in charge here" - but she does not bite or growl during this time, but then at other times she will go up to him and try to lick his ears - as her and the Chihuahua often do to each other.

I have to place myself in between her and the Lhasa during feeding time or she will attack him..... but she is fine with the Chihuahua (her buddy) being close by while she eats.

* * * * * *
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I hope getting her fixed helps...if not try a behaviorist...we used one a few years ago with our crazy dog and now she is amazing lol...
I have an animal behavioral specialist lined up for her - if the spayed does not work.....
Wish me LUCK!!
getting her spayed will probably help alot, it sounds like she is being territorial...are the other two dogs neutered?

Post some pics of her...I LOVE LOVE LOVE Pit Bulls!!!
I too love pits and would LOVE to see pics! The spay may help ALOT.
...are the other two dogs neutered?
NO.... the two male dogs are not fixed, I never had any trouble between them, still do not - they get along real good.
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