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Not sure if this is normal :(

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Just got this litle 6 week old baby yesterday, and i just noticed she was sleeping sorta on her back... ive kept an eye on her for the past 24 hours ive had her and shes been sleeping on her side. i had bunnies a few years ago and never remember any of them sleeping liekt his. her two bottom feet were sticking out and the too front are sorta to the side. ive seen dogs or cats sleep like this but not bunnies. i thought she was dead bcause she didnt move andi poked her and she got scred and jumped. buts she eats and drinks and poops a lot so i dont think shes sick... just wanna know if its normal for bunnies/rabbits to sleep like this or if i should watch her, thanks :)


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Nah, looks fine. I'd personally watch her around that blanket you have in there, though. I had a rabbit eat pieces of blanket and die from intestinal blockage. I think, anyway, though we never had it confirmed. But for a couple nights I heard him tear at the blanket and then he stopped eating and drinking. That may have been because he was male with aggressive hormones though, because some rabbits do just fine with blankets. I'd just watch her though, if she starts tearing at it, remove it.
6 weeks old is awful young.
Have her looked at by a vet. It shouldn't cost you much for a plain checkup.
I agree with purple hops, bring her to the vet-- try find a rabbit savvy vet in your area! (someone who deals with exotics). I live in ontario as well, and its incredibly hot here. Rabbits do not deal well with heat. Is your bunny in air conditioning? My rabbit Theodore is on summer vacation at my moms house cause she has central air! Maybe your bun is hot. Good luck!
Aw yeah 6 weeks is too young for her to be away from her mom. In some states it's even illegal to sell baby bunnies when they are younger than 8 weeks old.

I've never seen a rabbit sleep like that. I've seen them sleep on their sides flopped over, but on on their backs like that.

I'd keep a close eye on her. A vet check up wouldn't hurt, but if you notice anything wrong get her to the vet asap.
As long as she does not have problems breathing, siezures, coughing, Or shivering she should be fine. I would take her to the vet for a check up(six weeks is young. but don't worry, i have a sweet rabbit whom I bought at 6 weeks from a pet store a year ago he is quite healthy except for a stomach impaction. Oh yeah he is so sweet!!!!!) Your bunny is awefully cute!!!!!
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