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Not sure whats going on

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So one of my degus (Tac) is missing hair on her ankle! I'm not sure what from. Her ankle/foot is black instead of grayish/silver, and in some spots it's completely bare! does anyone know how this has happened? If this helps at all, about a week and a half ago one of my other degus (Toe) got in a (what we think happened) fight with a mouse and sadly passed away :( . I don't think it was a mouse (for Tacs ankle/foot) because 1. There are not cuts/wounds, and 2. There aren't any more mice that I have seen (We set out glue traps and caught a whole bunch!). So, if anyone thinks of anything that may have happened please tell me!
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Please don't use glue traps. They're terribly inhumane. Use live traps instead and release away from your home. :(
Nothing else would have gotten rid of then they were babys!
It's possible she got it stuck in an opening if it's a wire cage.
Thats true! we have a cage where the bottom is kinda like wire! I will try to get a metal sheet to go over it!!!
It's barbering - a chewing and removal of the fur due to boredom. I have had degu's do that to their own foot and others behind the ears
If her companion degu just died she would be extremely stressed, which could cause her to fur pull. When my degu's brother died he did this on his arms. It is more commonly on the arms, but it could easily be on the back legs too. Try to spend more time with her and possibly get her a new friend. Also after she is less stressed out you can get various creams and taste deterrents made for degus to prevent the habit from coming back. If you have any other degus check them for this as well as they would also be suffering from losing one of their friends.
She already has a sister (right now they are separated right now because of fighting). and her hair is growing back :)
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