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Nutro food?

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We have always been pretty constant and happy with our pets food, but someone just recommended Nutro and I really don't know much about it. My dog and one cat have iron stomachs it seems but our other 2 cats have a bit of sensitive belly's...I read some reviews on it at and they seemed positive and they are compensating you right now for doing reviews of the food, so I figured if I was going to try the food, I would do it now so I can earn some points. I would take any info or experience you have had with it..thanks in advance!
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Never tried it (yet) but heard too some good testimonials about it. Maybe try a small one first for your pets to see if they will like it..
I have not looked at Nutro in over 10 years, but just now I am seeing all sorts of grains and corn and meals in their 'Max', and all sorts of grains and meat meals in their 'Ultra'...personally, I would not touch it.
Thanks for your input! My dog can be pretty picky, to where I have to add gravy to her food, but I gave this one a try and she took right to it!
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