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Stocking stuffer :

Nu Vet vitamin supplement is used by our clinic and all over the USA

:)NuVet Pet vitamins are the BEST - Put some in your pet's stocking this Christmas and give all Year long.
Your pets deserve to be healthy and happy...
check us out here:

PUT some NuVET under the Tree this year.
*prices start at 20.00, 39.00 and 55.00 ( depends on size)

Visit Pet Nurse Marie's site for FREE Q and A -All Experts/ Ask the Pet Nurse

Pet Nurse Marie:
Dog food Reviews and help : I would be glad to suggest a commerical food or home-cooking recipes; Do you NEED help with Dog food choices???? Do you need a recipe for a special diet? Let me know your pet's health concerns. NuVet supplements can be a plus for skin and coat issues... JUST ask: No question is too small...

Don't forget a Quality Pet Vitamin each day - *Keeps your pets around for a long time and healthy.
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