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Odd Behavior........ Help!

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My dog is 8 y.o., he is my sweet baby..... except when I have company over to watch a movie. His name is Murt. He pants, shakes and tries to crawl on/all over my guests. I dont get it. I have tried to get him to lay down, even put him on his leash across the room. He wont sit still and it is becoming a problem. I have tried to put him in the other room but, he will rearrange anything on the floor. The only thing I can think of that helps is to put him outside.... which I dont like to do as some movies are long, he is getting older and its getting cold outside. He does not do this when its just ate is home. Only when I have company or when I take him to someones house with me. Any ideas??? Im at my movie watching wits end.:mad2:
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This sounds like anxiety.
The anxiety is only getting worse too because every time the people come over he gets punished (made to leave the room, outside by himself). In order to get him calm around your friends, you need to make it a positive experience. This will require your friends cooperation.
When they come over, everybody should take a quick walk or go on the back porch. This will help Murt feel included with the company. Then have someone play with him, preferably everybody should. Once he's good and tired you can sit down for your movie, treats can be given as he behaves. It's up to you to decide what is his appropriate behavior, if you don't want him on the couch with your friends then start training him to not go on the couch ANY TIME.
Putting him outside does not solve the problem, it only makes it so you cannot hear or see him. For a dog getting older you need to make some concessions. As my dog aged I needed to adjust to his changing behaviour too. It got to the point where his anxiety did not allow me to participate in keeping guests downstairs (ie, my roommates house parties) because my dog freaked out and vomited on my bed.
You want to start addressing the problem now. I say start with including him in your meetings. If you cannot calm him down by making him tired then you can start investing in herbal remedies such as a thundershirt and some rescue remedy.
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Thank you, so much. Im willing to try (almost) anything. I really appreciate you posting a reply. I love Murt so much and dont want him to not feel safe or loved.
It is not that he doesn't feel unloved (if his problem is anxiety). Anxiety is a complex "emotion" which he cannot control after it is triggered.
You have to find out what his trigger is first. For my dog it was us getting dressed and showering and getting school bags ready.
The longer you wait with treatment the harder it is to treat. I mean, I speak with experience. My poor dog was 11 or 12 years ago when I was able to move with him. So he moved with me and my bf but was displaced by the new environment, new area of town, new everything. He couldn't even be crated because he nearly broke his jaw trying to escape.
Exercise your Murt now. Possibly look into other stimulation games. Talk to a trainer. Get some rescue remedy. A bottle cost me 15$ but I still have it (I use it sometimes for myself)
Great advise here, he might feel too excited so you have to teach him to control the excitement, your friends have something to do with it too.
I think most dogs do this as they are testing out their new visitors. They calm down on their own after 5 minutes or so. My dog does the same I just keep her in a crate in the same room for a while till she relaxes.
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