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My friend's hamster has never really liked her or anyone until now. She still doesn't really like her but is warming up. Sadly I do not care for the hamster, she bit me quite hard. Anyway, my friend wants to know if she has done anything wrong or should do something new.:confused:

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What kind of hamster is it?? I hear it's easy to tame syrians (I've had syrians and the longest took like half a year to tame) than it is to tame dwarf breeds. I never had dwarves but if left unhandled they can get aggressive.
I think your friend should try to handle her hamster more often. It's a sin to leave it neglected in a cage. Shearing gloves can help with it if it bites. There are some people here who can help with hand taming a hamster. Good luck.

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Depends on what you mean by it does not like her. Some hamsters personalities just do not like to be handled by people.
My Dwarf hamster, Hannibal, does not like handling very much. He is tame, he is not afraid or runs away. I can pet him and he takes food from my hand. But when I go to pick him up he bites me, and he bites anyone else reguardless.
It is just his personality. Sometimes Hamsters differ greatly with eachother.

She should not get her hopes up if the hamster never becomes loving, the hamster could still like her just not like being handled.
Good luck. :)
(Also, Dwarves tend to be more nippy than Syrians)

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How long has your friend had the hamster?

If she is a new hamster,she needs time to get used to the smells and sounds in her new home. Try offering a tasty piece of food (you can wear gloves at first if you are not comfortable) and hopefully she will learn that humans bring good things.

However as others have said,it could just be her personality. I had a few hamsters that were not fond of handling and would either bite, scream and run or if I could pick them up,they only tolerated handling at best.
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