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Ok, Chinnie Huts Anyone!!!

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Ok, i have a question, my chinchilla does not like to sleep in any kind of enclosed hut, or house, i've tried different wooden ones, and i've also tried hanging ones. She would rather lay on top of them or on her marble square at the top of her cage(5" tall cage, p.s. wonderful, i love ferret dot com)
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...What do you need to know? What's the question? If you want to give her a place to hide out, why not pin a blanket a little ways above the marble square; high enough so that it doesn't freak her out, but low enough so that it shades the area?
Some just don't like to sleep in houses/huts.
In my experience, the smaller the cage, the more a chin will like a house/hut.

All mine prefer to sleep on a shelf or in a hammock :)
cool cool, my cage is huge but i make sure my room is secure for her, i run a radio or the tv at all times so there is noise for her not to get scared, i was just wondering if that was normal for a chinchilla to do 8) thanks (8
DO you have a hammock for her? Mine don't like to be in houses either but love their hammocks...
i just got two new chins and the cage is two levels one is always on top the other on the bottom..... but they get alone very well together.... ill wake up and theyll be sleeping together...... but they wont sleep in there hut.... its plastic.... like an igloo minus the walkin space.
should i get another hut?
is one dominating the living space?
are they sleeping?
thank you
i was told to get one hut per chin, i imagine that they may not want to be that cramped together, but i'm no expert on that subject
The one hut per chin rule, is because they do like to get away from each other from time to time, and then they need a safe place to go :)
my 2 girls love this new cat bed i got them. It is big enough for both of them comfortably inside, and they havent managed to tip it over or destroy it yet! They used to have a fleece igloo that they loved but they would jump on top of it so they couldnt go inside, pee in it, and eventually rip it to shreds! Also it got too cramped inside and i would hear them bicker. My boy on the other hand has a blankie and can't live without it! i ripped up an old shirt and tied it on the edge of the cage like a tent. He goes inside and rolls up like a little burrito! its also close to his food dish and he'll eat under there. I tried to do that for the girls and they just ripped it off the side. They get very angry!
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