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Ok this is REALLY REALLY wierd!!!!

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Ok I was just watching my rats in the cage and they started chasing each other around like normal. Then my little rat started trying to hump my bigger rat!!? They are both girls!! Why would 2 girl rats try to do that??? Can someone please explain?:confused:
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I've never had rats, but I know that with many species, same-sex buddies will do that to show dominace. :)
Mine did that pretty much as soon as I got them home and put them in their new home. I panicked at first thinking I was going to have rat babies! Ha ha. But after reading around a little, I read that same sex pairs do it to show dominance as Formula86 says (by the way, isn't formula 86 the formula the witches used in Rohl Dahl's The Witches to turn people into mice? If it is, loving the username! Hmm, I must watch that DVD after work I think!)
About my username - I didn't get it from that. I've had this for about 8 years now. Haha. It's just a combo of a "cool" (at the time) word, and a song by Green Day ("86"). :D
It is actually normal, mine do it to. It's called mounting and I read up about it to- just in case lol!
yeah they just do it for dominance, no worries
It is a dominance thing.
But sometimes when female rats are in heat they will mount their cagemates.It is normal.
Ok thanks I figured it was nothing to worry about cause I made sure to check! lol but ya sometimes my little female dog tried to do that to my other female dog it was really weird!
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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