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We have an appointment for Saturday morning with a good vet who knows her stuff. Unfortunately she also has a way of pushing useless tests and treatments on unsuspecting clients. This is where I need your help,

Vaccinations are not safe for cats, I know that.. But WHY?? I don't want her pushing a vaccine on me that I don't want and Ollie doesn't need. But I don't know much about vaccines and which ones to avoid. He's an indoor kit now so there's no point in vaccines now.

Also, I want him looked at and tested for fIv (bc of his third eyelids and weight) but what is involved in that test? I know leukemia is non-curable but what will she do to test for it?

And finally, I'm having her look at him for worms. How does she test for that? I know the vet doesn't have holistic de-wormers (I asked) but I don't want to give Oliver harmful chemical pesticides. I would rather choose a healthier alternative but I'm afraid she'll freak out about me ordering diamotaceous earth online bc that's less sale for them. I want to be respectful but I'm SO new to having my own cat and I have never brought a cat to the vet before.

What do you guys think?
when we got moe tested ect, for the fiv they did a urine and blood test for him, he doesnt have vaccines either as he is an indoor cat as well, so im not sure, about vaccines, but for the testing they will probably do blood and urine test for the fiv.
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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