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OMG Guess WHAT??? 8D

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I MIGHT lease a horse!! *runs around screaming insanly*
So I was obsessively looking at horses on craigslist and I found an add that had a beautiful horse for lease... and he lives pretty close to my house too!
So im meeting him tomarrow at 10:00AM! Its not really for sure that Im going to lease him, cuz there are other people who wanna lease him to, and his owner wants to find the right person to match him and his personality! There are 2 people who get to lease him, and I reaaaaaaaaally hope Im one of them!
And even if Im one of those 2 people, my parents stll have to talk about it, so its really if-y right now... But Im still super duper excited!!
Cross you fingers that I get to lease him!

And one more thing Im super happy about is that Bill is finally starting to trust me! (Hes my fav horse to ride for my lessons ^^) I finally found the place he likes scratched, and he didnt give me any trouble at all when I was riding him! Adn he loped for me alot too! Im just soooooooooooooooooooooo happy that hes finally starting to like me!

He still hates getting his hooves cleaned tho, LOL! At least he didnt step on me this time! XD

And I learned how to put a bridle on! Yay! :D
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woot! that'd be awesome if you get it!
Wow good luck ! i would love a horse :(
You sound like you really want him :D keep your hopes up hun :)
Fingers Crossed* x
LOL, I hope I havent jinxed myself by posting this tho! ;P
I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you!!
I went to see Rom today, and I LOVE him! Hes so awesome! I rode him around for, like, 2 hours, and his owner seems to like me! She says I have good hands, a good release, and that Im a natural horse person! Im so happy!
But I also feel kinda dumb, cuz I fell off him when he was loping... Hes was being a it funny at this one corner and he was turning to much, if you know what I mean, and I fell off! I was so embarresed! She said it was ok tho, and that if she was loping on a new horse like that and stuff she probably would have doe the same theing. Adn the stirups where a bit short forme too, so that made me feel a little better. ^^
I had tons of fun tho, and I REALLY hope I can lease him! :D
Oh, Jess!!!! I am SO excited for you! Girl, I will keep positive and hopeful thoughts out there for you! When will you know? Please post on here as soon as you do! Now, I can't wait to hear the news. I was so excited when I saw the post's headline, I thought you purchased a horse. This is just as good though, because it will lead into it. That is what happened to me a year and a half ago and I NEVER thought I would own my own horse ever again. IT IS going to happen for you and I KNOW it. OH, I am so excited for you, I can hardly type this fast enough!!!! YAY! Wish we were close so that we could "talk"! Or even better, ride together. I got to ride my new mare yesterday and she did really well. She is a spunky little girl. I even got invited to a ride out in some orchards "weather permitting" tomorrow! KEEP us posted, as soon as you know something, o.k? I,m SO excited for you! What did the horse look like that you are hoping to lease? PICTURES????? A must if you get to lease! LOL
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LOL, Dont worry, Ill be sure to get pics if I lease him! And video! :D Heres his add on craigslist, it has a pretty good pic of him! Inst he beautiful?? :adore:
The boarding facility is REALLY nice too, and has trails to go on! I wont be able to go on trails till I get better tho. ^^
And my moms going to call her and talk to her about it soon. I just REALLY hope this can work out for us financhally too.. I said Id pay for part of it if I can lease him! I hope that would be enough!
Jess, I am so excited for you! And WOW! The facility sounds like a dream too. This is one good looking horse that you might get to lease. I downloaded the picture for you. Couldn't resist. I have a really good feeling for you. BEST WISHES!
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Thanks! I get to find out if Im leasing him tonight! Im sooooo nervous!
Jess, I won't be able to sleep now until you write back! My fingers and toes are crossed for you sweetie! Best of luck! Oh, I hope you get the horse!
Jess..... the suspense is killing me!!!! WELL?? Girl, did you get the horse??
Jess..... the suspense is killing me!!!! WELL?? Girl, did you get the horse??
Ditto!! Can't wait to hear the news... :D
AAGGHH. . . Everytime I get a "notification" on my computer that someone has replied on this post, I rush to my computer hoping that it is you, Jess! LOL HURRY!
I'm hoping the reason she hasn't responded yet is because she's too busy with the horse! LOL! :lol:
Im STILL waiting for her to call back! And if you guys think YOUR dying, Im about to explode!! All day the only thing I was thinking about was Romie! I was spacing out for, like, 15 minutes at a time LOL! My friends are all like "Did ya lease him??" AND I DONT KNOW YET D: THE SUSPENCE IS KILLING ME!!!

Adn when I do know, You guys will be the first people I tell!!
Jess! I can't take it anymore! Get on the
and call them up! Tell them you have a bunch of people just hanging on their chairs here waiting for an answer and crossing their fingers and legs and arms and we need to know!!! We are too excited for you. LOL WE MUST KNOW WE WANT OUR JESS TO HAVE A HORSE, don't ya know! Tell her to call me and I will be a good reference. o.k.? Hurry along now and call. I'll be waiting here. :lol:
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Jess! I can't take it anymore! Get on the
and call them up!
Or better yet, give their number to MzKitty and let her give them a piece of her mind!!!
Hey . . . mtmaughan, you know, I could speed things up a bit! I am pretty good on the phone, and I would be polite about it! :lol:
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