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OMG Guess WHAT??? 8D

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I MIGHT lease a horse!! *runs around screaming insanly*
So I was obsessively looking at horses on craigslist and I found an add that had a beautiful horse for lease... and he lives pretty close to my house too!
So im meeting him tomarrow at 10:00AM! Its not really for sure that Im going to lease him, cuz there are other people who wanna lease him to, and his owner wants to find the right person to match him and his personality! There are 2 people who get to lease him, and I reaaaaaaaaally hope Im one of them!
And even if Im one of those 2 people, my parents stll have to talk about it, so its really if-y right now... But Im still super duper excited!!
Cross you fingers that I get to lease him!

And one more thing Im super happy about is that Bill is finally starting to trust me! (Hes my fav horse to ride for my lessons ^^) I finally found the place he likes scratched, and he didnt give me any trouble at all when I was riding him! Adn he loped for me alot too! Im just soooooooooooooooooooooo happy that hes finally starting to like me!

He still hates getting his hooves cleaned tho, LOL! At least he didnt step on me this time! XD

And I learned how to put a bridle on! Yay! :D
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Otay guys- Heres whats happening!
So my mom FINALLY called her last night! Sally (thats Romies owners name) said that she would be ok with me leasing Rom on these conditions- I would have to have some adult there with me, I would have to stay in the indoor arena for a while, adn I would have to have a few more lessons first.
For sure, me and my mom think that she would do alot better at giving me lessons than the place Im currently going to does, and her horse is acually a bit of a challenge to ride! So we think I would learn alot more with her, and her lessons are cheaper!
But Im still trying to convince my mom on the lease part... She dosnt know anyhting about horses, and she said she woulnd be comfterble "supervising" me, cuz if something went wrong, she wouldnt know what to do! But Sally said that she would show my mom how to do everything and stuff, so that problem could be solved.
The main issue is how much it costs... I offered to pay her the $1000 I had been saving for my own horse, and every other penny I earn (wich is like, only $30 a month LOL XD). But that is only about 1/2 of what it would cost a year. D:
My moms gonna call Sally again on the weekend. (The suspense is killing me too!!!) Cross yous fingers that I can convince her!
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Good luck!!! :thumbsup:
Not yet... Adn if I ask my mom to call on emore time, I think shell explode!
Adn shes currently rather ticked off at me (long story... XD) So I think Ill ask later... She was supposed to call today, but I dunno if she did.
Otay... well... I have some sad news: I cant lease him, cuz we cant afford it. :( And I am now heart broken. *Sniff*
Sorry to waste everyones time... I just thouht it might acually work out, and I had so much fun riding him, and I have so much more fun riding on my own than I do at lessons, and I learn alot more too...
Im switching over to Rom and Sally for lessons, so Ill still be able to ride him, but still... I is very very very very very sad. :(
The last few weeks have been rather aweful cuz of family and friend stuff, and I had over $100 worth of stuff stolen from my locker that I never got back, an dnow ths... Bleh...
Awwe, hun. I'm so sorry. There will be a horse for you someday. Don't you give up hope. I know it will happen for you someday, I just know it will. You hang in there and at least you still are riding, that is good. I didn't even have that when I was young. My Dad kept promising me a horse every weekend and then during the week would change his mind. He would say, "there are cows out in the field, go ride them!" LOL, I finally did! I was 16 before I ever got a horse. I think he was afraid of what the neighbors were thinking. hee hee. :lol: :hugg2: huggs to you kiddo, you will be o.k.
Thanks :hugg2:
Ive always wanted to ride a cow... :p LOL did you ride them? :giggle:
Aww, sorry it didn't work out. But I'm sure you'll get your horse someday. :)
Ooh how exciting! I remember when I leased my first horse! How very exciting! I am riding a horse for free. I will see if I can post pics sometime. Anyway let us know soon it sounds like everyone here is very anxious to find out! :D
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