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Goats don't have upper teeth in the front they only have lower teeth, except the molars, i have never heard of a goat to bite except thinking their was food. And trust me i have had lots of goats.

They are nibblers. If they are mad they head butt but never bite.

The blame should be on the child at a petting zoo if a goat bit it, and if it breaks the skin it really isn't a huge deal. I doubt anything to go to the doc for.

If my dog bites some one because they were pulling its tail or whatever, then they shouldn't be doing that. I would bite too if i couldn't say hey i don't like you to pull my tail. and couldn't get away.

IT is always the humans fault if they get bit. You have a fox, if you get bit by your fox it is your fault it didn't ask you to come live with you. If it bites it should not be put to sleep because it bit you. You decided you could handle a pet fox.

If i get bit by my iguana it is my fault, i didn't listen to her back off signs. A bite is what i get for messing with it past her point of handling.

What would you do to your kid if it was messing with someone's poodle and got bit? what would you do if your kid ran up and poked some ones rott and got bit? blame the dog? That dog is mean it didn't let my kid run up jump on it and poke it?

What would you do to your self if you got a pet skunk and your kid got bit. You got the skunk. You had the kid. Your to blame.

What would you do to your self if you got a pet boa and let your kid play with it and it killed your kid? Surely you don't think it is the boa's fault for squeezing too hard, it doesn't see your kid as something it loves.
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