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OMG they STINK!!

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We have 2 boxer pups, 5 months old and they have been on the same food since we brought them home. Taste of The Wild. Lately they STINK! They are crated in our living room and it constantly stinks, it is like sitting in a gas chamber and I have no idea what to do. The food is not high in grains, they get plenty of exercise and I wash their blankets/pillows every 2 days.

I am gagging as I type:fart:

What can I do to drop the gas levels in my home?
Please help!
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Does it have grains at all? Try a grain-free food. You could also try a food with a different protein source. Sometimes it takes some experimenting to find the right food for your dogs :). Give a new food a few weeks to let the old stuff get out of their systems.
Which TOTW are you using? Some people say the Prairie (Bison) does give gas... I feed the wetlands and my female does not have gas on it. The Wetlands is the poultry formula.
I tried TOTW (All of the TOTW formulas I looked at where grain free, BTW) with Kit for awhile and it did not work out for him. He was stinkier than usual, had some bathroom issues, and eventually refused to eat the food altogether.

You may have to experiment for awhile to find which food works best for your dog. If you haven't already, maybe try one of the other TOTW formulas? Or a different food altogether - ideally one with a different main protein source.
Ive got that problem with my dog, he farts alot!
We use ahh Pedigree older dog food, it does the job sometimes! :D
messi eats taste of the wild prairie and he does toot once and a while, but not that often.

Maybe its something else if they haven't always had the toots.
What about adding something to help balance out their gut? For the last month I've been giving a tablespoon of raw goats milk to my dogs most of the week and it seems to have helped with Jelly's gas problem and Harley's loose poo. 2 for 1 works in my book.
Have the puppies been dewormed? If they haven't they should be, and if they have they may need it again.

TOTW may be too rich for them. Perhaps something with a grain, some rice maybe. Dogs don't need to be grain free.
there is brown rice in totw i think
What formula? I looked at the ingredients for TOTW before and didn't see rice listed as an ingredient in any of the formulas that I looked into.
Try charcoal treats, you can buy them very cheap in pet shops, I use them with my dog and his ALOT better. His backside was atrocious on wet food and mixer, so I changed him to dry and that helped alot, the charcoal has more or less cleared up the bad smells. Much less embarrassing when I have friends round :)
Boxers often have gas issues and it can get pretty bad. Like everyone else said, try different foods and see if one formula works better than another. You can also try elevated feeders to reduce how much air they take in as they eat, or add a little yogurt to the food. The bacteria in the yogurt will help them digest the food better.

bubbles - good to know the charcoal treats worked for you, will have to try that!
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