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One flea, two fleas, help please!

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Here's a question: I found a flea but it jumped before I could kill it. My floors are mostly tile and laminate, carpets in the two bedrooms only. There's two hamsters on a counter up high and only me at home. Will the flea be able to survive and multiply? Will it be able to get up to the hamsters? Will this be a big problem? Should I be worried?
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I would start vigorous flea eradication now. Stick a flea collar in the vacuum and go through the house. Fleas lay its eggs in corners and along the creases in walls so you'll want to sprinkle some baking soda along these areas in the non-carpet sections. While one and two fleas are no concern and have probably attached themselves to you via a friend or outside (they love warm weather) I would try to think about if someone you know has pets. Or if you have a cat or dog? Usually fleas will not attack a small animal like hamsters unless in cases of bad infestation without the presence of a practical host (dog, cat). If I'm not mistaken there are a few species of fleas. And I heard there are slight differences in fleas which attack humans and ones that attack furry hosts. It is possible you have human fleas. Same precautions would be taken.

Eggs die in dry things. So Baking soda is perfect to dry them up. Vacuuming regiments are crucial. Wash your bed clothes in hot water.
If you're afraid of them getting on your hamster you can buy flea and tick spray for 5 dollars. I think petsmart has them. It really does the trick.
Fleas hardly attack something small like a hamster except in extreme situations. I've heard of flea-free hamsters in rescue situations in which abandoned cats and dogs are covered. I would NOT risk bathing a hamster unless you find actual fleas on it.
my hamster keep scratching her face till she's bleeding her cheek and now its her eyes T_T I brought some antiseptic and put it on the wound and now she bleed her other cheek T_T is it because of fleas or it's because of the beeding ? (I'm using chipsi green apple one )
Kiri, I would suggest getting your hamster to a vet practising in small animals. If she is bleeding in her eyes and cheeks, she might have a number of problems wrong with her. Neurelogical to irritation. What is chipsi green apple bedding? From what I would assume with my experience with hamsters is that NO scented bedding should ever be used on them. This apple one sounds fishy and could be contributing to her irritation. Take her off it immediately! Try Boxo or Carefresh until she heals. They are made with recycled unscented paper material. It's soft so she wouldn't get pricked with it. When she gets better put her on aspen shavings.
I had a flee outbreak a couple of years ago. It started just like you described in your opening post, and I thought nothing of it. The result was I had to call a service to spray the house to get rid of countless! number of flees (I had to go away for a few days, when I came back I had a surprise).
purple-hops : yes sir I ll go and buy Boxo for her , thank you very much
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