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! Please Drive, cross
post or forward, it all helps.

All we need is Lexington KY to Louisville KY, Saturday 8/28
2:30pm-4:10pm - Just one leg now !!!!

DRNA coordinatior Patti Phillips has graciously allowed two desperate
dalmatian mix sisters to join her dachshund transport out of NC to the
Chicago area of IL. The dal gals were on death row at a NC shelter, have
been in temporary foster for two weeks with a kennel in Wilmington NC,
are spayed and fully vetted and MUST move this weekend as the kennel
will be full over the upcoming holiday. Dog and rescue info is below.

If you can help, please contact Patti at [email protected] and me at [email protected]
she is coordinating
the run to Columbus IN where the Dachshund gets off and I will be
covering the transport for the dal mix girls from Columbus IN on to
Chicago, IL

This is the only open leg left. Please cross post or forward to your
friends along the route.
Thanks ! Laurel

Saturday, August 28th (One Dachshund and two dalmatian mix sisters)

6) Lexington KY-Louisville KY 2:30pm-4:10pm

The Dachshund is a choc/tan mini spayed female dachshund
needing help to get to her forever home. She is a
cart doxie, paralyzed in her back legs but she does
not know it.
She is up to date on vaccines, hw- and on
preventative, flea/tick free. Inga is a 'Dachshund
Rescue of North America' rescue <>
coming from a DRNA foster in Belwood NC and going to an adoptive home in
Deerfield, IL.

The dal mix girls are about 45lbs each, very passive and quiet although
have not had much experience in vehicles and would do best if crated,
both will share one large crate if needed. They are spayed, fully
vaccinated w/ rabies, bordatella, corona and dhllp, HW neg and they have
been wormed.

They are coming from temporary foster after being pulled from a high
kill shelter in NC and going to the Chicago Canine Rescue Foundation,
Chicago, IL

The full run is as follows:

15 minute breaks incorporated into the transport.

Saturday Aug.28th

1) Belwood NC-Asheville NC 7am-8:40am
Filled by foster mom

2) Asheville NC-Newport TN 8:40am-10:10am

3) Newport TN-Knoxville TN 10:10am-11:10am

4) Knoxville TN-Corbin KY 11:10am-12:40pm

5) Corbin KY-Lexington KY 12:40pm-2:30pm

6) Lexington KY-Louisville KY 2:30pm-4:10pm

7) Louisville KY-Columbus IN 4:10pm-4:30pm
Time change....actual driving time=1 hour 20 min

8) Columbus IN-Indianapolis IN 4:30pm-5:40pm

Filled overnite in Indianapolis IN area

Sunday Aug. 29th

9) Indianapolis IN-Lafayette IN 8am-9:10am

10) Lafayette IN-Gary IN 9:10am-11am
Filled !

11) Gary IN-Deerfield IL 11am-12:35pm
Filled by new family

If you can help Inga get home, please contact Patti
Phillips at [email protected]
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