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One of these things is not like the other...

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One of these things doesn't belong....

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Yes! :D
Here she is impersonating a rattie figurine. I swear Custard has the mad Ninja Skillz.

And not to be outdone, her beau Black Pete:

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Thud!! :heart:

How adorable are those pictures?? Custard is just a DOLL. Look at those gorgeous eyes and that pretty mouth! Aww! And Pete is sooo handsome. What a beautiful couple they make!

I love your collection of plushy ratties. We have a very small collection...I think just two? You have me beat!

Custard and Pete look like they are seriously cuddling up to the plushy ratties. Love it!! :D
Working as a children's librarian has its perks. Friends and patrons know I keep rats and the children bring me plushies.

I can't help but compare Custard to Zmei. They look so alike. Both being chow hounds, they squish, but Zmei had was still blockier and scruffier.

My breeder has so such interesting things (to me) going on in her lines right now coat wise. Zanna my reserved burmese and brother Zmei both are/were satins, but Custard the half sister isn't...she's still pretty soft though. Zanna's little girl fur feels like water and is very thin. It makes her look kind of patchy and tatty. Zmei being a coarser male, felt like thick silky bunny fur. As a female, Custard is still close to how his felt even without the satin gene.

The other cool fur thing going on, as I've posted elsewhere, is my dumbo blue girl Darcy. She has this dense short coat. Wooly but soft textured. It's almost like a rat baby coat that thickened out with even more ratty baby coat at the adult molt instead of the usual adult guard hairs. I can't keep myself from burying my face in her fur.
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So interesting the way you described Darcy's fur because Klausse's fur was exactly like that. And of course, he was a blue just like Darcy. Maybe blue ratties tend to have a particular fur coat I guess? Still have a soft spot for blues....
I love, love, LOVE this picture! So cute.
My little guy Dwight loves stuffed animals too lol
Hehehehehehe! SOOO cute!!!!! :D:D:D:D
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