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One sleepy goo & one wide awake goo

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Hi I'm a new mum to two 11 week old female degu,

One of my goo's seems to sleep more than her sister so the other one just seems to run around the cage chirping and looking a little lost till her sister wakes up (sometimes walking over her while chirping). Is this normal and all that I have is a goo that is lazier than the other?

The other problem is that they are fine and quite friendly at meal times a few warning chirps but nothing major but if we give them something special like a chew bar or a salad mix (from bordem breakers) they go nuts and world war 3+ breaks out and we have to take the treat away.

Thanks in advance for your advice :)
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As long as the "lazy" degu is acting normal otherwise, I wouldn't be concerned :).

With treats, make sure you give them each a treat at the same time. In general, though, degus will argue over food. Unless they're drawing blood, there's no need to step in.
Thanks for the advice. The lazy degu seems fine and is eating well. Its her sister that is worrying me more as she seems to get quite stressed out and squeaks very loudly and a lot while her sister is asleep. She even walks over her squeaking at her. We try talking to her and reassuring her but nothing really works until her sister does get up.

I'm probably being a neurotic first time owner and this is normal behavour. I just kind of would like the reassurance that it is normal.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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