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Options for a Double Critter Nation?

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Just curious what other pets can be kept in a critter nation?

I know about ferrets, Chinchillas, rats , Syrian hamsters,
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I wouldn't keep mice or hamsters in a Critter Nation.
DO you know what a syrian hamster is? with a proper tray syrian hamsters will be fine 1/2 inch bar spacing is fine for a syrian ideal actually and NOONE said mice.
And to answer your question, YES I do know what a Syrian hamster is. HOWEVER, they often do not live well together and I would not purchase a $250+ cage to house one hamster nor would I feel comfortable housing multiple together and risking their health and safety. On top of that, a young one could slip through those bars.
I already have the cage ... and I would be fine devoting a level to each. however I am just looking for pets that the bar spacing is suitable. And actually at the age of 6-8 weeks they are already too big to squeeze out. I have a syrian and I do not house any of my hamsters together. and its not " I would not feel comfortable" Its Its FATAL to house them together.

No offense but you do not seem to be very knowledgeable on most that you post.
No offense? You posted that so I would take offense to it, first of all. Second, direct me to where you believe I have not been knowledgable where I have posted and why you believe so. Because you have no idea what you are talking about. I am aware that it is fatal, obviously, but I said "I would not feel comfortable" so you would not take offense to it if you were unknowledgable about this subject. I had a Syrian hamster who DID squeeze out of his cage bars and they WERE 1/2. He was a little Houdini.

Check yourself.
Please keep things civil here or this topic will be closed.
I didn't see anything wrong with BreezyPutBull's other posts... Just because someone has a different opinion or experience doesn't mean that they are unknowledgable. Let's be nice here, OK? ;)
What exactly is a critter nation?
A "Critter Nation" is a brand/type of cage that is pretty big and roomy for small animals (And expensive!). It's pretty popular with people who have chinchillas, degus, ect.

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