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Orea and Gingivitis Diaries

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Diary of Oreo and Gingivitis, 2 foster kitten from the Ottawa Humane Society.Started October 4th 2008 (Saturday)

October 4th 2008-Day 1:Welcome Home

Picked up some new foster kittens this morning and we check is Sumaii had been adopted, I am glad to say she was adopted on the 30th of September only 2 days after returning to the shelter

We now have 2 new fuzzbutts to love.Two 2 month old (weight says 6-8 weeks) female kittens

And their silly names? Oreo and .....Gingivitis or just 'Ginngy'

Oh and we also got a new sweat cage for them.A big,black ferret cage that I added a second level to and ramps and shelves and what now, and I'm still not done with it.

PICTURES NOW.Not the best but you know Ginngy doesn't really stop moving, she is obsessed with attention.And I don't think you're going to need any help telling who's who

First off the sexy new cage- still in progress, and I think we're going to have to rethink the placement and put it in a different room, but that will have to wait till my uncle leaves.

There wasn't enough room to get a full sized front view so I had to take it in sections


We're bringing them in on the 18th about to get their shots, and back to be spayed on around the 20th of December.

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CUTE!!! cute cute cute!
ooo i love the cage! its more like a mini mansion than a cage :) i wonder how she got to be named Gingivitis? there both really cute :heart:

Her name was actually an inside joke at school:)
They are really cute.
AWWWW,adorable!! the little gray one looks like Mama's old kitty which we appropriatly named "little Tabbby" makes me miss him! congrats on doin something amazing for the lil guys!
October 5th 2008-Day 2:Food,Collars,Dog Hater

Ok well to start off, last night I tried their new collars with BELLS, on them and long story short Ginngy freaked out and was jumping about and trying to get it off, Oreo wasn't so sure about it.

They both had to wear collars this morning for play time, so their getting use to the fact that it's, stay in the cage or wear the collar :)

Kibbles and Kiwi are loving the new babies, but of course Ginngy who is turning out to be a little drama queen has problems with them if they get to close to her, or she doesn't want that.While Oreo the little 'chill pill' doesn't give a second thought about the dogs, and is loving her extra doggie attention.

Food.Oreo loves dogs food, so much that she was in Kibbles's bowl sharing his breakfast with him, and when that was gone she went to get some of Kiwi's. I guess it wasn't much help to the dogs that they had eggs for breakfast with their normal stuff, which made the food 'oh so yummy'.My poor Kibbles is losing out of his breakfast now,but I don't think he minds sharing a bit with them.

Picture TIME!!!!

Yummyy.... FOOD

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they are so cute
awwww,how sweet! i love how the kitties are well socialized between dogs and people and whatever else is in your zoo before goin to a final home!
More Dog food and the 'eow' kitten
October 6th 2008-Day 3:More dog food, and 'eow' kitten

Well nothing much happened today and I didn't get any good pictures of them, but I DID get some cute ones.

Oreo is still after dog food, how good can it be if she's running to the bowl pretty much as I put her down on the floor and let her run freely-which off topic,these cats love being able to run free, but I guess it all you've known is being caged up the freedom is fun- ok back on topic!I think she eats quite a bit of the dog food before I realize she's in the bowl, and then I have to move it.They also both like drinking from the dogs bowl too.And yes they do have food and fresh water in their cage at all times, they just prefer dog food and water- or maybe they are dogs!?!

And on the part of the 'eow kitten' that would be are little drama queen Ginngy, who is to lazy most of the time to actually 'meow' in the correct way, I keep telling her (yes I talk to the cats) that its 'MEOW' not 'eow', but I don't think its getting through to her.

I'll start with the pictures now before I bored you with all this reading and you just scroll past this part to see all the cute pictures.Today we have Ginngy jumping on the to table(bad kitty),in the dogs bowls,in the sun, and playing.

Ok, that's it for now, I'll have to do the grand 'ol cage tour sometime soon
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October 7th 2008-Day 4:Bed wetter,Brush me slave

Still uneventful day, apart from the fact that Ginngy is peeing on her blankets!!!!So I had to wash all those today.

I started brushing them today and Ginngy of course is demanding all the attention to be brushed,you can just hear her saying it 'brush ME slave' what a rude cat! Oreo is still a 'chill pill' and is happy to be loved over, while Ginngy is demanding and mean,


First is Oreo sitting on my mom's back, after she climbed up.Looks pretty comfy

And then some pictures from tonight that I just took

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cute you really do enjoy taking pictures!! theyre awesme though
They are just sooooo cute! I love them! I bet you're enjoying them too
Your dogs are so good with the kittens! It's so sweet they share their bowls with them.
My dogs swear that the cat's food is so much better than their own and the cats say that the dogs get the best food ever!
Oh and their opinion on water is even stronger!
Of course the cat's food is yummy and of course the dog's food is totally awesome- hello they are obviously confused as to what species they are duuhhh ...LOL

Kibbles, doesn't really care if he was a cat in this bowl Kiwi doesn't really like them in her bowl while she's trying to eat,so she usually just walks away.

October 9th 2008-No worries I share with you,FOOD

So well I skipped a day, sorry but I was studying for a chemistry test so HA HA HA.

Anyways after that whole 'HA HA HA' thing let get to the kittens

Oreo seems to be coming down with a bit of a cold or URI which is common in shelter cats because they are so stressed up and close together and its VERY contagious, plus shes the runt of the 2.She'll be watched,if she stops eating or drinking straight to the vet she goes.
She still eating which is good, but I have to water down her food so its 'soupy' which sounds really nasty and trust me is looks nasty and smells like cat food (no duh,eh?), but she likes it and she's eating so whatever.Oh and both Ginngy and her-and the dogs had boil eggs today to.

And because I hadn't put her in the litter box for a while, nature calls and her being such a smart kitty decided to relive she self in the old newspaper bin,instead of going on the carpet.LOVE HER



I share couch with YOU



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they are too cute. i love how they share the dogs food! i wish my cat and dog would do that but my dog chases my cat so we got a baby gate to stop her going upstairs so he can get some peace but all thats happened is that she's worked out how to open the baby gate, lol! shes a little terror. :)
awww they are soooo cute!
October 10th- Day 7: Peeing and pooping everywhere,vets attp.FAT CAT

Ok so today was a P.D day so the should have been out most of the day...but they are refusing to use the FREKING little box even though they know where it is, the cage door is open, the can get in because the door make a little ramp.But no they pee AND poop on the floor.

Oreo is still going on newspaper thanks god,but today she walked through her pee,walked on the carpet,and sat on my brother with her pee feet. HA HA HA
And she peed in the floor VENT.

Ginngy, is still peeing on the blankets and she poop on the ground.So I had to wash all the blankets again and I ended up throwing the bed away because I'm tired of washing it and it smells like pea, and I know its Ginngy because I saw her do it.

Oh and the time when Ginngy pooped onm the floor and Oreo peed in the vent, my brother was standing there WATCHING them do it and he couldn't even stop them.


Oreo has a vet appt. tomorrow at 10:00am at the shelter and were going to try and get Ginngy in at the same time, because they are both sneezing.

And on a last note, Ginngy is fat, she is a fat cat.You can tell a bit in the pictures that she is HUGE.

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awww, i just watched that video with my 4 yr. old neice and we both loved it!! i kinda miss kitties,Mama acts li one with strings and Illusion is one BIG kitty but i miss little tiny ones..:dream:
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