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There is no rule that says you have to feed your pet bird organic bird food, but there is an up and coming trend that allows owners to pamper their avian with 100% natural seed. Bird seed is essentially just that seeds taken from plants and packaged together to make a healthy combination of food for your bird. Unfortunately many companies like to throw in additives that make the seeds stay fresh longer and taste better. This may sound like a good thing at first but there are many additives that can be harmful or that are too obscure to even know what they are doing to your pet.

Bird food that is organic is made to leave out all the particles of unwanted and undesirable additives. By including foods that are found in nature and are staples of your pet when they are in the wild your animal gets the right nutrition that he or she needs. Many people think that all birds eat the exact same food, but they do not. Birds eat a wide variety of plants and even insects in the wild, and what they eat depends largely on what is available. Organic bird food is made from those things that your pet would eat naturally in the wild.

Giving your bird the organic bird food that is best suited for him, his species, and his specific health concerns will make a big impact on your relationship. Your pet has certain hard wiring that allows him to associate you will the reason that he is well fed. This wiring helps keep him alive in the wild, but will help build-up a loving and co-dependent relationship that will last the test of time. Many parrots will eat fruit as long as it is available because that is what they need to do in the wild, so knowing when to feed what to your pet will take some time.

Treats are always loved and appreciated by your birds, but be wary in over feeding of birds. Monitoring weight, plumage, and appetite will help you to know what your bird does and does not need from you. One thing that should always be available to your pet bird is organic bird food. This seed is going to make sure that he has food available when he needs it. Few birds will gorge themselves on seed when there are other options like fresh fruits and vegetables. You do not have to buy organic food, but if you want to avoid additives and pesticides be sure to consider it.
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