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Orphaned roof rat

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Hey all...

So we were at our old house a few days ago and Tonya found a babay orphaned roof rat in my bedroom (converted to bed room from garage.) He is just at 2 weeks as his eyes were closed when we found him and just opened today. Couple questions.. Do you all think we should release the little guy when he is old enough or keep him? If we let him go will he be able to fend for himself? If we keep him can we get a domestic rat the same age as him so they are cage mates?

Please give us your thoughts.... Thanks
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Little spaz is the best person to talk to about wild rat pups
Wow, he is just beautiful...what a darling little thing! Nibbler was right, Lilspaz is on the forum and hopefully she will see your post and give you some good advice on this. Wish I had some advice to give on wild rats! For now, of course, keeping him safe, warm and fed is the best you can do. I know my natural instinct would be to turn him into my lil baby and take care of him always, but I know there are issues with wild rats, so I can't let my "aww" feelings cloud my judgement on the best thing for the little guy. At least for now, he is helpless and needs a bit of TLC. Good luck to you. He really is darling.
Lilspaz has definitely had experience with wild and half-wild rats, and I'm sure one of the things she would tell you is that if you want to be able to keep him and actually handle him, you are going to have to start NOW. Hold him as much as possible every day, talk to him, hand-feed him, get him used to you from the very beginning. Wild rats, even when raised from birth, have natural instincts that make aggression very possible, so in order to tame them, you have to do it right away and every day. Good luck! He sure is adorable! :D
In my personal opinion, if you care for him, he will never be old enough to fend for himself because he will be so used to humans. he will just keep coming back to you.

How cute though. Keep us updated.
I would take Breyer's suggestion and bond with him as much as possible while he is a baby. He is already getting very used to humans and of course he can't survive in the wild at this young age and alone. Do you want to keep him James? He really is precious.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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