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Hi all!
I hope some of you remember me. I've been away for some time with illnesses and am now disabled. I feel bad coming back with this kind of news but I need your help.

My 11 year old female Bombay cat, Drusilla, has developed mammary lumps just as her daughter, Pebbles, had. If any of you remember what we went through with Pebbles you know it was a terrifying experience. At least then, even though we exhausted our savings and borrowed from fiends, we were able to pay for her surgery and everything involved.

Now being disabled it is beyond out means if Drusilla needs the same surgery. I ask you to consider checking out or web site which explains the situation and how you can help. We will also be offering rewards to anyone who can help at all. Certainly don't feel obligated whatsoever to even check out the site even if you know me etc.. I just as for your consideration.

I hope to be back soon to help answer questions again and share in any conversations.

Thanks so much.

For your consideration: Since with this new account I can't post links directly please Google "gofundme" and search there for "Drusilla".
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