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This kid is showing his ouch but check how this happened??


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That looks painful!

I don't get why this is in the contest section tho.
Contests & Other Fun Stuff
Other fun stuff.

Wow. That is very.. interesting.
aww that poor sweety...was he running with a fork or something? that just looks painful
I wouldnt call that fun.
Neither do I but as there are no threads dedicated to awfully painful stupid mistakes I posted it here (Sorry).
I am sure that if anyone takes offence, it could be moved somewhere more acceptable.:dream:
I didnt take offense, I just thought it wouldnt be
Aww poor kid!

Once when my brother was a kid, he climbed up on the counter then fell down into the dishwasher ...and got a fork stuck in his buttcheek.

:yikes:...that musta hurt big time!
Did your brother pull it out himself or just run around with it stuck in his buttcheek til someone else did?
Did it get stuck deep? OUCH!
My advice would be for the fella to go back to using a spoon:)
awww poor baby...

Kid with fork stuck in his nose.. not very funny..

Luv asking if Michelle's brother ran around with a fork stuck in his butt.. nearly made me fall off my chair! *Sorry!*
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Here's a quote) Religion without morality is a superstition and a curse, and morality without religion is impossible (c)Mark Hopkins "idipic com/category/funny"]Funny
1 - 17 of 17 Posts
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