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Our guinea pig needs put down :(

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All of you are have been so helpful with my bunny issues.... now I need some guinea pig help and hope u can help.

We were gone on vacation for 4 days. We came home yesterday to a missing hamster (that I surprisingly found in 30 min.) Then an hr later I noticed my bunny Maxine was very lethargic. Upon further examination, I noticed its food was hardly touched and its litter box had very little poo in it. And she was breathing kind of heavy. I was alarmed! And ran for some veggies. And after a little coaxing- it started to eat. Here, its water bottle was empty...which I was sure I filled, but it never drinks a whole bottle in that short of time? I offered her a big bowl of water to her mouth and more veggies.....after a vet call and 30 min of more veggies she perked up and started to return to her normal grumpy self.....just been watching her closely.

BUT then before bed i went in my boys room to check their piggies one more time. Thats when I noticed my 7 yr old son's piggie (2 are together) was laying in its igloo still on its side, with the other one still snuggled up with it. When normally they are up running around weeeeking. Upon examination, I was alarmed to noticed its left back side is completely limp and paraylized. :( His other legs move but that one quarter doesnt and it seems he is in pain bc he just stretches out wierd on his side and just lays there. It broke my heart telling my son his second guinea pig needed put to sleep. It was especially hard since his other piggy of 5 yrs was put down in March b/c of a big tumor (and he got his other in April). He kept saying "but its a baby still mommy." :(

All I can think- is that they were playing rough (the other one is a crazy piggie! Or he injured himself running around his cage b/c I gave them a bigger food bowl. We all cuddled a bit then I went to put him in his cage and he started weeeeking loudly and the other piggy came running over to him. I layed him down in his igloo and the other one snuggled up close to him- where he still remains. When dh comes home today around 1 we are going to put him down. Im just worried about the other one. What should we do???? Please help.

Btw our bunny looks good. She charged at me when I went to check on her- she is definately herself again!

Thanks for your help....
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He needs to see a vet. It sounds like all of your animals were neglected while you were gone and he could possibly be saved.
Vet appointment made.....Got the little guy to eat some oranges. But now the hamster is loose again!! Little stinker learned how to push open the corner of its cage..... I saw the evidence this time!!

And I want to say...although we were gone for 4 days....I am definately not neglecting my animals.... they mean the world to our whole family and I spend SO much time with them. I have 4 bunnies- 3 of them are rescued. A chinchilla, the hamster, and the two guinea pigs. Everything that happened is just odd coincidence. If we ever do go away for a few days I give their cages a good cleaning and be sure they have lots of hay, food, and their water bottles are filled. They are all indoors and when they are sick, we take them to their specialty vet. Just please dont say I neglect them. :( They mean the world to me, my husband, and my three kids.
I apologize, my meaning was not that you neglect them, but rather that your petsitter wasn't feeding or watering them properly since they were all ill when you returned home.
Did you even have someone looking after them for 4 days??

And I recommend taking Maxine to the vet as well. When a bunny goes 12 hours without food or water they can get into some problems. I know she seems fine but if you're going in to the vet anyway take the bunny and have her looked over.
We had our BIL stop by midway. He said all was good.....
In the future I would really consider hiring a pet sitter or having someone come in and care for them on a daily bases. A lot can go wrong with an animal in a 2 day time frame without any supervision or care. Especially concerning the rabbit, even 12 hours without food can cause a medical emergency that could possibly lead to death if not treated ASAP.

I would recommend you take the guinea pig, and the rabbit as well if she is not 100% back to normal, in to see the vet. I know you said you already made an appointment for the piggy. I hope it goes well.
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