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Marie our Prairie dog is a big part of the Family, Its hard to imagine she is 11 years old and still a healthy little senior. But a few years ago she stopped eating. Many reasons went through our head, Maybe just being old and giving up was one reason.
So we took our little girl to the vet. She knew less than we did about our Prairie dog... But didn't hesitate to charge us $100.00....:(

We were feeding her with a syringe giving her powdered protein meals. at this time, she was so weak. All the books we had about prairie dogs mentioned some ideas what Marie's problem could be. We tried them all and nothing worked....

Turns out that it was her teeth that were bothering her. She also had a back tooth that was growing a little sideways and was cutting into her gum. Giving her a tooth ach and being unable to eat.

We found a vet who made house calls and knew about Prairie dogs. She ground down marries teeth and put her on medication for the tooth ache... A couple of days went by and Marie was her old self. Happy and playing like nothing happened.
I am writing this so that if anyone has a prairie dog with the same symptoms as Marie they can also consider the teeth as a problem.

Thank-you for reading.
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