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Outdoor do?

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Outdoor dog?

Jackie is way too big for the house!!!
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are you thinking of making him a full time outdoor dog ? has he been an indoor dog his whole life ?
Not really enough info to offer advice or comment.
I agree with you kendalle
Not enough info here, but personally I think being big is not enough reason for a dog to become outdoor dog.
if your dog started off his life indoors, you should keep him as an indoor pet... size shouldn't matter whether he gets to be indoors or not and if he is a big dog he will be prone to getting heat stroke or he will get too cold during the winter... having an all outdoor dog is never a good idea because they are 2x more prone to getting heartworm, other bacterial worms, and other such fatal diseases (if they are not protected)
your dog will also probably howl and night because he has not been used to being alone... along with the fact that most outdoor dogs are neglected because they do not get near as much human love and contact as an indoor dog... therefore the dog may become "shy" or possibly aggressive....
please keep your dog inside so he can be happy :)
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All dogs are social. Never should they be left alone outside. If he's too big find a shelter to take him and think next time you get a pet.
Please don't let this poor dog live his life outdoors. Dogs need a loving home and to be with people. Why did you get such a big dog if you didn't have enough room in the house?
I'm living in a condo with 2 cats and a golden retriever! There isn't much room here either but never would i ever consider putting my baby outside.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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